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Vixo - Do you remember love ?        ("Love is God's Money" EP)

Vixo - Farewell in oblivion                ("Love is God's Money" EP)

Vixo - If you want

Hedone - I ciągle widzę ich twarze   ("Wyspiański Wyzwala" LP)


Hedone - G.O.D. (2007 Free Mind Remix)

Jakub Zak - White crocodile (Radio Edit) [Free Mind Remix]

Wanka Wstanka - Lato (Radio Edit)

Robert Breen - Don't say goodbye [remix]


Hedone - Wiem czego dzis chce (Free Mind Remix)

Leszek Każmierczak MSc  - artist pseudonym „Free Mind”

Born 4th June 1982. Live in Lodz, Poland, Europe.

Computer Graphic Engineer , an College of Computer Science (audio/visual engineering) graduate

Graduate of Sound Engineering Course at New Project Production

musician, music composer, music producer, remixer

Favorite Artists: BT, Chicane, Chemical Brothers, Delerium, Enigma, Hedone (PL), Jean Michel Jarre, José Padilla, Mike Oldfield, Moby, Paul Oakenfold, Republika (PL), William Orbit

My adventure into making music began in my childhood when I got my first computer - an 8-bit Atari. By it I made my „first productions”. Creating music was my passion from the beginning. With time and the advancing of technology I entered a PC computer class and began to work on 'trackers', which were the foundations for my first album „Mechanized Music” which came out in 2001. I’m always looking for new sounds, ideas, and trying to give my compositions their own distinct character. I push to deepen my own musical sensitivity and knowledge so as to more freely express emotions and share them with my audience through my music. My creativity is my passion, which gives me the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

My music allows people to free their minds so they can find themselves in the world of sound.

contact:  info(at)

Please visit My Myspace Profile to listen some of my productions.